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Collide Schedule

  • Friday Schedule

6:30-7:00pm Student Check-in
7:15pm Doors open
8:00pm Collide Service begins
9:30pm Dismiss to host homes
10:00pm Small group Session #1
11:00pm IN homes lights out

  • Saturday Schedule

8:00am Breakfast and Small group session #2
9:45am Arrive at City hall
10:00am Collide Service begins
12:00pm lunch/Small group session #3
1:30pm Rec/Mission project
6:00pm Dinner at Crossgates Baptist)
7:00 pm Check in small groups
7:15pm Open doors
7:30pm Collide Service begins
9:00pm Break
9:30pm Collide Late Night Party
11:00pm Dismiss to host homes
12:00am Lights out

  • Sunday Schedule

Worship at your local church

Parent Summit

Have you ever felt out of touch with your teenagers world?
Like you're out of the loop; unsure of what exactly is going on in that head of theirs?

This year we will have a Parenting Summit with Brian Housman to help inform you about your teens technological world, including apps and social media, and give you practical guidance about engaging your teen well.
Author of the book "Tech Savvy Parenting", Brian is a very gifted speaker with much to offer in the way of parenting in the technological age we find ourselves in. He desires to give parents insight into the world of their teen and help them understand how to properly be involved in their teens life.


Cost: Free to Parents of student participants/
$10 per couple for others

When: Saturday, January 31st, 8am-12pm

2015 Theme:
John 8:12
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